Name: Kratika Sengar
working as:Actress
Years Active:2007-Present
Born on:July 3
Popularly known as: P2( Kasautii Zindagii Kay),maharani lakshmi bai.
Home Town:Kanpur
Currently Lives in:Mumbai
Family:Father,Mother,Sister and Brother
Schooling:Methodist High School, Kanpur
Graduated in:Delhi
hobbies:Reading books,Loves spending time at home
Best thing about herself:Hard working,frank
worst thing about herself:impatient
A scar that she had from childhood: A scar on her knee
Her favorite make-up item: Kajal
The first thing she notices about people: The manner in which they talk
Two things she are really good at: Talking, eating and sleeping. It became three.
Before being an actor, she was: Working in an ad agency in the client servicing department
Favorite sport she wish to play or watch: Swimming
Favorite Pastime: she don't get time to even pass..
The worst piece of advice she has got: Nothing as of now
Her favorite toy when she was a kid: Barbie doll.
A horror movie for which she really got scared: Exorcism of Emily Rose
What she read: Scripts
Is she a spender or saver: All time spender
A television show she wish to be part of: Khatron Ke Khiladi
she value most in life: Her loved ones
According to her,life is:To love and to be loved.. because u wont get a second chance.