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I, Me, Myself :An Interview with Rangmunch

This is the interview of kratika with Rangamunch tv

Kratika Sengar is a very well known name in the Tellywood Industry. In her five years as an actress in the Television world, she has carved a niche for herself with her varied acting prowess.
From playing P2 in Kasauti Zindagi Ki; to the historical courageous character of Rani Laxmi Bai in Jhansi ki Rani; and now, portraying the character of Aarti on Zee TV’s new show, Punarvivaah, Kratika has left no stone unturned to prove her versatility in the field of acting.

However Rangmunch.TV got an opportunity to not only interact with this talented actress but also delve a little deeper into the person that she is through our “I me myself” segment, and was amazed by her candid approach with which she responded every question.

Rangmunch: One thing that you are grateful for in life?

Kratika: (responds promptly) My parents and my family .

Rangmunch: One thing that is missing in your life at the moment?

Kratika: (laughs and instantly responds) Love.

Rangmunch : What is your greatest asset?

Kratika: I think my will power.

Rangmunch: Are you possessive by nature?

Kratika: Very (stresses)… but only with few people.

Rangmunch: What is the craziest thing you would want to do?

Kratika: Well I’m already a crazy person and keep doing crazy things all the time. But if I had to do something really crazy, it would be paragliding.

Rangmunch : If you had to choose between love and family, who would you choose?

Kratika: Family

Rangmunch: If you were asked to change your name what would it be?

Kratika: Neverrrrrr (says it loud and clear. When asked what does Kratika mean, she responded saying it’s a Nakshatra).

Rangmunch: If you are given a choice to get into a person's shoe and live his or her life for a day, who would that be?

Kratika: My cousin sister who is in 9th standard. She loves school and enjoys her life a lot. I would love to experience her life for a day.

Rangmunch: Do you read newspaper? Which section do you enjoy reading the most?

Kratika: Bombay Times only (says in a heartbeat). I love entertainment news and gossip.

Rangmunch: What do you need tto change about yourself?

Kratika: My aggression (laughs).

Rangmunch: Are you adventurous in life?

Kratika: Very .. I’m totally adventurous. The thoroughly enjoyed all the stunts I did for my previous show “Jhansi Ki Rani."

Rangmunch: What are you proud of?

Kratika: My commitment, that I am very focused and I know my limits, I am very proud of them.

Rangmunch: Do you forgive yourself easily ?

Kratika: No. I keep regretting. I go into thoughts and I keep thinking about it. That’s one negative aspect about me.

Rangmunch: If you could add one feature to your phone what would that be?

Kratika: I would want the memory space to increase to maximum GB so I that I keep on recording stuff and keep on clicking pictures.

Rangmunch: Are you active on social networking sites?

Kratika: No, I’m not a very social person when it comes to networking. I know it’s very important to do social networking but I am a very private person. I don’t really open up with people. Infact I have not even added many of my fans on facebook and so they very annoyed. So they have created a page for me where I interact with them. So as far as my real facebook account goes, I have added only my school and college friends.

Rangmunch: Describe yourself in one sentence?

Kratika: I’m like weather. I am always changing. I don’t stay long enough so that somebody can catch me or get to know me. So I am very unpredictable.

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Niharika Vidya Sagar

courtesy: Rangamunch Tv

Monday, 20 February 2012

I have never been a pet lover: Kratika Sengar

This happened recently on the sets of the upcoming show Punarvivaah. Actor Kratika Sengar who plays the female lead, Aarti, landed up one morning with a scratch dangerously close to her lips.


The cheeky creative team and her co-actors immediately began speculating about the secret source of that scratch. While the guys gleefully ribbed her about the scratch being the result of a night of passion, the more romantic girls began to prod Kratika as to who she was dating! When all that Kratika volunteered was "Shut up, guys! This is just a tiny l'il scratch my pet dog Donut gave me!", the members on the set gave her disbelieving looks and asked her not to come up with such lame explanations.
So, as the day went along, Kratika realized that the teasing and hooting was just not going to end unless she took some timely damage control measures. The smart cookie that she is, Kratika decided to bring along the secret source of her so-called "hot" scratch to the sets with her the very next day. So tagging along with her on a leash was none other than Kratika's 4 month-old cute Beagle puppy called Donut. Making a cutely dramatic entry, Kratika got everyone to do a quick huddle around her and the love of her life - Donut.

Kratika told the team, "This is to put everyone's wagging tongues to rest. The scratch near my lips that all you guys are gossiping about was given to me by none other than my darling boyfriend - Donut! Isn't he cute?" As Kratika winked at the crew, the whole group could only go "Awwwwwww!" at the pretty picture she made with her pup.

When poked some more about the status of her love life, Kratika revealed, "I have never been a pet lover or really craved the idea of having dogs. But the very reason I felt the need to go in for Donut is the fact that I am now beginning to miss a boyfriend. Basically, at the moment, he is my outlet for lavishing all my affection and pampering!"

Courtesy:Times Of India

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Kratika Sengar completes 5 years in the Industry

Our beloved actress Kratika, completes 5 years in the tellywood. She started her career with Kasauti Zindagi key, her immense passion and dedication on the work made her famous in the whole industry.The character of Rani lakshmi bai, in the serial Jhansi Ki Rani, will be the landmark in her career.This character shows the determination of kratika. Her brand new show, Punar Vivah, is going to launch on 20th of this month. On this occasion, Tellybuzz meets kratika and had a chat with her. Here we go...

Kratika Sengar in a talk with Tellybuzz...

Kratika Sengar, a simple girl who came to Mumbai to fulfill her dreams through completing her ad projects and got into small screen industry by chance. After essaying the brave Jhansi Ki Rani in Ek Veer Stree Ki Kahaani Jhansi Ki Rani, the actress will now be seen in a show on Zee TV. Kratika in an interview shares her experiences in the industry, her new show Punar Vivah and much more.

So let's take a look…

After essaying Rani Laxmi Bai, you are back again in a simple, normal character. Why did you take this role?

Yes, I was always seen riding a horse or fighting the British with a sword in my earlier role as Jhansi. But my role in Punar Vivah is that of a normal lady Aarti. No normal actor gets to essay such a prominent and courageous role and that was the reason why I took up Jhansi Ki Rani. As an actor, we have to take up challenges and only then are we recognized through our performance. Same monotonous roles don't make someone an actor. It might make the character popular but as an actor the growth is zilch. So both the experiences are different for me.

What challenges do you found in this role?

Well, as the story suggests, two strange people, who are already married once and have kids, agree to remarry for their family. I believe this is challenging for those two characters of Yash (Gurmeet Choudhary) and Aarti. As actors we have a responsibility of portraying these two characters well so as to convince the audience to accept them. Therefore, it becomes challenging as to how naturally we can execute the feelings of someone who is already married and is now getting into a new relationship.

What is your take on remarriage?

My take on remarriage is very much positive, Just as the people in this industry say that the show must go on, I believe that we live only once and that there is no use of crying on something we can't control.Though it's very hard to actually do it but I suggest that one should move in his or her life or else they would miss out on so many things. And I believe on the saying, which is very important in today's world that, one should move on. We are already in the 21st century and have moved forward in our thinking. So remarriage for me is very positive.

What kept you busy in the break once Jhansi Ki Rani got over?

Actually, our shoot for Jhansi Ki Rani was not in Mumbai. It was shot in the outskirts of Karjat so perpetually; I used to stay in Karjat only. My kitchen, my house, everything was in Karjat and in the meantime I missed out on a lot of things. I have broken my social circle in Mumbai.I haven't met parents and my cousins for long. I have missed out on one of my close cousin's wedding. So in these 6 months I was just catching up with my friends, Meeting people, roaming here and having fun.

Will Aarti and Yash fall for each other?

That's what the show is about. They come together not because they love each other but just because their kids need parents. Initially, both will obviously feel awkward as they are still in love with their respective husband and wife. But eventually circumstances and bonding would bring them together. Kids too, initially would not accept their new parents but things will get sorted out the time.

Do you think the concept is somewhat similar to Colors' Na Bole Tum Na
Maine Kuch Kaha?

Well, it might be a mere coincidence but nonetheless, a tough competition!

How is your rapport with your co-actor Gurmeet?

He is a very positive and nice guy. His wife is very nice as I have met her and we are friends now.I know he has a crazy female fan following.

Tell something about your character in this show?

Aarti is a very positive and simple girl. She is a housewife and loves her in-laws a lot and that's the reason why they are getting me married to someone else when their own son leaves me alone. They never take his side and treat me as their own child. She takes life as it comes. She cries, she feels bad when her husband leaves her alone and goes but she never lets out her pain in front of her in-laws.

Will her husband come back in her life?

The past has to return as I've now hurt his ego. He comes back to counter question
me about my remarriage.

Tell us something about your journey in the small screen industry?

Well, I've completed 5 years in this industry as I started my career with Kasautii Zindagii Kay, after which I did a few reality shows, followed by Jhansi and now Punar Vivah. I am so blessed to be in this industry and in this city. I came to Mumbai to just complete a project and one of my friends took me to an audition.

Any future projects lined up?

I live in the present. So right now my priority is Punar Vivah.

By Tejashree Bhopatkar

Interview Courtesy:India-forums

Friday, 10 February 2012

Kratika Of " Punar Vivaah"Has a heart of a child

Most young actresses avoid playing mothers on screen because they feel that they might get typecast into mature roles. But Punar Vivaah’s lead actress Kratika is not one of those actresses.

She not only loves to play a mommy on screen, but even loves to take care of the child actors who play her children on the show. Most shows bring kids after a generation jump, when the characters have been established and the “young years” have been juiced out from them.But Punar Vivaah is different.

The show starts from the point where most shows end. Kratika plays a single mother of a boy, whose father has left him. She gets remarried to a man who has two daughters from his previous marriage.

Shashi Mittalwas, who has written and produced the show, is very happy to see that the mother-son chemistry that he wanted to bring about is being executed very realistically by the actors. He says that the love and affection is evident in every scene. Shashi was pleasantly surprised to see that Kratika bonded with Divyam, the child star who plays her son, instantly.

Kratika is spontaneous, mischievous and very lively. All these qualities attract children a lot, which helps her bond with them. Kratika also feels very connected to Divyam. She loves the fact that he is not arrogant and doesn’t act over-smart on the sets.

Let’s hope that their bond remains as tight for a long time.Watch Punar Vivaah at 10: 30 PM only on Zee tv from 20th February .

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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Kratika ... Quite the Mommy on Sets!

Article by Upasana Mantri, TNN Feb 7, 2012, 05.46PM IST
When actresses are young, attractive and single, there are good chances they may balk at the prospect of having to play mommy on screen and even sulk at the thought of being around kids 24/7 on the sets as they usually lack maternal instincts.

In fact, several actresses even quit their shows when a generation leap happens and kids are brought in. But such is not the case with the adorable Kratika Sengarwho is all set to play Aarti in the upcoming show " Punarvivaah".

She enacts the role of a young mother who single-handedly raises her son after being deserted by her husband. With the father of her child walking out on them, the story captures Kratika's character Aarti forming a deeper, stronger bond with her son. So, writer-producer Shashi Mittalwas extremely keen that very palpable mother-child chemistry should shine through in every scene between Kratika and child artiste , Divyam who plays her son Ansh in the show.

Allaying the producer's initial concerns about how she will bond with the child artiste, Kratika turned out to be extremely fond and affectionate towards Master Divyam right from the word 'Go'. Insiders from the set reveal, "Kratika, as a person, is in touch with her inner child. She is spontaneous, lively and brimming with mischief. Divyam is almost a carbon copy of her in these respects. Together, the two of them are a boisterous duo who keep everybody on the sets in good spirits with their practical jokes and tomfoolery. What's more, Kratika is deeply protective of him and ensures that nobody keeps Divyam waiting and that he gets adequate time on the sets to finish his homework."

Speaking of her bond with the child artiste, Kratika said, "Divyam is ultra cute. He doesn't sit still even for a minute. He is very bindaas. But never arrogant or over-smart. I was exactly like this as a child. Spending time with him brings back so many childhood memories. Since most of his scenes are with me, I get to pamper and spoil him on the sets."

Looks like Kratika will not need to really "act" like his mother on screen ... it'll come rather naturally to her.

courtesy:Times Of India

Thursday, 2 February 2012

I am a trendsetter, not a trend follower, says Kratika

Kratika sengar, who became famous by the historical serial Jhansi ki rani, created suspense about her future project.There was news came out that she is going to be in Shobha somnath ki, and there was another news that she has been to Big boos 5.
But very surprisingly, she chosen a complete contrast character of a young protagonist character and going be on small screen in that show named Punarvivah.
She says about her with Tellychakkar on this, which was posted on the site By TellychakkarTeam on 31 Jan 2012 - 19:02

Kratika Sengar is one woman who has been crafted and chiseled with a lot of patience by God. Why do we say? Because look at her once and a bolt of lightning will strike you immediately. Yes, she can kill with her looks.

The hot bod is in news as she is all set to enchant masses with her stint as Aarti in Shashi-Sumeet Mittal’s next on Zee TV, Punar Vivah, which will hit the screens from 20 February 2012.

Well, the lovely lady has been away from the small screen since the days of Jhansi Ki Rani. So why did she stay away from TV for so long and not opt for any reality or fiction show?

“I know being a part of a reality has emerged as a trend but I am not a trend follower but a trendsetter. After Jhansi Ki Rani, so many mythological shows went on air. And I am sure after Punar Vivah, I will start a new trend altogether which the world will follow,’ says Kratika.