Monday, 20 February 2012

I have never been a pet lover: Kratika Sengar

This happened recently on the sets of the upcoming show Punarvivaah. Actor Kratika Sengar who plays the female lead, Aarti, landed up one morning with a scratch dangerously close to her lips.


The cheeky creative team and her co-actors immediately began speculating about the secret source of that scratch. While the guys gleefully ribbed her about the scratch being the result of a night of passion, the more romantic girls began to prod Kratika as to who she was dating! When all that Kratika volunteered was "Shut up, guys! This is just a tiny l'il scratch my pet dog Donut gave me!", the members on the set gave her disbelieving looks and asked her not to come up with such lame explanations.
So, as the day went along, Kratika realized that the teasing and hooting was just not going to end unless she took some timely damage control measures. The smart cookie that she is, Kratika decided to bring along the secret source of her so-called "hot" scratch to the sets with her the very next day. So tagging along with her on a leash was none other than Kratika's 4 month-old cute Beagle puppy called Donut. Making a cutely dramatic entry, Kratika got everyone to do a quick huddle around her and the love of her life - Donut.

Kratika told the team, "This is to put everyone's wagging tongues to rest. The scratch near my lips that all you guys are gossiping about was given to me by none other than my darling boyfriend - Donut! Isn't he cute?" As Kratika winked at the crew, the whole group could only go "Awwwwwww!" at the pretty picture she made with her pup.

When poked some more about the status of her love life, Kratika revealed, "I have never been a pet lover or really craved the idea of having dogs. But the very reason I felt the need to go in for Donut is the fact that I am now beginning to miss a boyfriend. Basically, at the moment, he is my outlet for lavishing all my affection and pampering!"

Courtesy:Times Of India

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