Friday, 10 February 2012

Kratika Of " Punar Vivaah"Has a heart of a child

Most young actresses avoid playing mothers on screen because they feel that they might get typecast into mature roles. But Punar Vivaah’s lead actress Kratika is not one of those actresses.

She not only loves to play a mommy on screen, but even loves to take care of the child actors who play her children on the show. Most shows bring kids after a generation jump, when the characters have been established and the “young years” have been juiced out from them.But Punar Vivaah is different.

The show starts from the point where most shows end. Kratika plays a single mother of a boy, whose father has left him. She gets remarried to a man who has two daughters from his previous marriage.

Shashi Mittalwas, who has written and produced the show, is very happy to see that the mother-son chemistry that he wanted to bring about is being executed very realistically by the actors. He says that the love and affection is evident in every scene. Shashi was pleasantly surprised to see that Kratika bonded with Divyam, the child star who plays her son, instantly.

Kratika is spontaneous, mischievous and very lively. All these qualities attract children a lot, which helps her bond with them. Kratika also feels very connected to Divyam. She loves the fact that he is not arrogant and doesn’t act over-smart on the sets.

Let’s hope that their bond remains as tight for a long time.Watch Punar Vivaah at 10: 30 PM only on Zee tv from 20th February .

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