Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Kratika stuns her firang co-actors

Kratika Sengar stumped white-skinned actors on the show with her prowess over English. Here's yet another feather in Kratika's cap. She's been applauded for her command over horse-riding, swordsmanship, the intricate art of malkhamb and now for her mastery over English! For all this while, the white-skinned actors who play the roles of Britons in the show were accustomed to watching Kratika deliver long passages of Hindi dialogue in a single breath. Little did they know that Kratika could wax eloquent in English too.

Recently, enacting a scene where the Rani reads a letter sent to her in English, Kratika is said to have delivered an effortless shot and it was okayed in just one take! On watching her speak the language so well, foreign actors Ramola and Katrina, who have recently been roped in to play the wicked Lord Nelson's wife and sister respectively, approached her saying, "Kratika, we had no idea you speak such fabulous English. In fact, we had never heard you speak English at all. This discovery of Kratika's "Good English" sparked off a series of bonding sessions between the three women with the trio realizing they have plenty of common interests and shop for practically the same set of brands in cosmetics, dresses and love the same Hollywood actors!

Courtesy: India forums

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