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A Scintillating Tap Dance – Yash and Aarti

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Marriage is a sensual journey of two individuals, discovering each other as they tango, understanding each other as they salsa and building a steady rhythm of trust as they waltz through the many low and high notes of their performance.
I have always been an ardent believer in second chances. And it is no different in the case of individuals tying the knot a second time around. This is one of the main reasons why the show “Punar Vivaah” broadcasted on Zee TV caught my attention.

The second reason being the stellar star cast. I still remember when the promos were aired and there were a lot of dissatisfied and disappointed viewers. There were viewers who could not draw the line between real and reel life, viewers who could not understand the characters of the show. They were viewers who already had made up their minds to not like the show because their favorite artists were not cast, and now I should say am very happy to know some of these very same viewers had a change of heart and watch the show on a regular basis and praise the artists for their perfect fit to the roles.

To me, Yash and Aarti are two musical strings trying to find the right chords in their marriage. Both are average individuals, who decided to get married for the sake of their respective children, and give their children love and security of both a father and mother. Both want the same things in life for their children, to create a support structure for the future of their kids. A noble thought, a brave step.

The world is their stage and the stage sometimes might get wobbly. A stage that has other instruments strumming that may play a note out of cue. Yet Yash and Aarti cannot be separated from these very players, as they are intricately woven into their lives. So along with finding themselves the fine tune of their relationship, they also have to work out the miscues in a subtle way. Daunting indeed, yet an important play of their life that they cannot live without.

But what is more scintillating is their very own beautiful duet that they are trying to create. It is so delightful to watch them tap dance around each other, ever so very gently, trying not to encroach on each other’s territory. Be it Yash who is a cleanliness freak or Aarti who is more laid back; be it Yash who believes in discipline and habits for his children or even for himself, or Aarti who believes in letting the kids have some fun, along with discipline, let them be their age, let them be their naughty selves. These two have succeeded in creating magic, just based on simple daily incidents of any normal, average couples of today. Every time I watch these two, all I can feel is a sense of serenity and a natural chuckle at their antics of trying to accommodate each other with their quirks. Their portrayal of an average couple is what adds charm to their relationship. Their silent communication with their eyes is what lends a calm flow to their language. Their ability to read each other’s mind is an accepting mystery that even they do not fathom. Every aspect of their life is sensually depicted, filled with unwritten support, unspoken love and unpredictable humor.

Hitting the right note is as important as being courageous enough to step forward to embark on a journey with a stranger. And the same applies to artists who have the courage to take unconventional roles and do full justice to the characters. Gurmeet and Kratika as Yash and Aarti respectively, have just set the chords of their relation to hit the right note.

I hope all the viewers will don the role of spectators in the stands, give their wishes and blessings, lend their thoughts and feelings of support and encouragement, as these two strangers, create their very own magic as they become wife and husband. Long after the music has stopped and the dance has come to an end, the lilting strings of their musical journey will still be heard ringing in our ears, leaving us fond memories of yet another golden daffodil.

Alima Livsletlivs

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